Let's make today
a Good Day!

Arlie Neskahi, Dine' Nation, Náneesht'ézhí Táchii'nii Clan, Born for Tsin sikaadnii

Yah ah t'eh,

Welcome to my site, here find the range of my experience, passions and visionary journeys. When I step back and take a look at all that I have managed to accomplish here... I feel like I have lived several lifetimes. Since a young man, I have desired to explore the world and make a contribution to it's wonders. As I tell my singers, don't just try to sing a good song, try to live a good song... you want your life to be lingering in people's hearts and minds...

In terms of education, I went in reverse to the academic scheme of things. Rather than applying more and more focus to my learning to eventually be an expert in a field, i.e. doctorate. My learning adventures expanded like crazy after leaving high school and my universe unfolded before my eyes.

My professional experience includes, teaching, coaching, counseling, managing, facilitating, training, programming, directing, performing, composing, acting, recording, producing, hosting, designing, and writing... and I still have much to learn.

My Willamette University education professor, Dr. Jodi Engel, told me... "One day you are going to make an impact on a national level..." Her belief in my abilties has been an unerring voice within my spirit...

So... Sing with me, Plan with me, Dream with me, Create with me, Work with me... As my dad used to say, "Son, Let's Make Today a Good Day!"

Contact me at; neskahi@earthlink.net or 206-781-3855 to discuss a project. Currently, I reside in Renton, WA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.